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Introduction to Goldenrod Farm Animals

The Animal section of our page contains information about our animals, it is a brief description of the livestock we keep on our homestead. But they are more then just livestock, we watch them be born, struggle to stand or to get out of an egg. We laugh at their antics as they grow. We feed, tend and care for them, fixing their hurts, and crying when they are gone.

Many of the animals are raised to be meat at our table. This is not done lightly. The cute little bull calf ends up as veal, but he has a good life, carefree, running and playing until it is his time. All our animals are raised in clean, healthy surroundings, with plenty of feed, pasture, hay and water. People have lived in tandem with animals for centuries, caring for them, having them for companions, using them for meat, the hides and wool for clothing. We follow in their footsteps.

At night, I love to go down to the stable and watch the new lambs bounce around on springs, pet the new calf, lean against one of the cows and scratch her neck and watch everyone enjoy munching their hay. Raising animals takes more then just having them, you must love the life. You have to not mind getting up in the middle of the night to check the sheep or a cow getting ready to birth. You have to take the good with the bad. Shoveling manure, cleaning up a lamb's poopie butt, or putting down an animal that cannot get better are all just as important as the many experiences that are enjoyable. Farming is not a job, it is a lifestyle.

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